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Affordable Housing in the Era of Scarcity: Strategies for Doing More with Less

419 Occidental Ave S, Suite 504
Seattle, WA 98104

The report summarizes processes, policies and specific models of housing that can promote cost-efficiency in the affordable housing sector. The Great Recession, has hit this industry hard resulting in extreme funding reductions for low-income homes. Common Ground believes this report is a wake-up call that, if heeded, will yield more affordable housing without compromising durability and safety. In creating this document, Common Ground utilized more than 30 years of affordable housing development experience and interviewed a range of industry experts. The report is the first stage of the New Housing Models Initiative (NHMI), a project that aims to permanently change the way affordable homes are created in Washington State.

You can read the full report here.

More information about our New Housing Models Initiative here.

Project Sponsor

JPMorgan Chase Bank Foundation

Communities Served
  • Affordable housing industry
Opening Date October 2012

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